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Common questions and answers

* What kind of items could I expect to find in a box?

- The Survivalist Box generally contains between 4 and 7 curated items that we have personally tested and selected.  We try to put 1-2 EDC tools, an outdoor item or two or a homestead type item and a food or water item.   We try to put a variety of items that should be useful whether you live in an apartment or have the "back 40" to work with.

* When do you ship?

- We ship the Welcome Box within a week of your subscription clearing and then depending on when you subscribed you will either be billed at the end of the current month or the end of the next month. We do this so you don't get billed too close together.

* Why a subscription box?

- The subscription box model allows us to gather the best items and knowledge and put it together in monthly "surprise" package.  This also allows us to get "group buy" prices and pass the savings along to you.  Finally, through this model we are able to bring you new and exciting products and information monthly.

* What about the packaging? Is it environmentally friendly?

-  All of our boxes are recyclable and use water-based inks. Boxes are sourced from FSC-certified vendors whenever possible.  The packing material is Greenway Eco-Fill which is 100% recycled and produced in a sustainable factory. It can also be used as either tinder for a fire or as "brown" material for a compost pile.